Thursday, August 14, 2014

Rob At The HFPA's Grants Banquet - August 14th

HQ pictures of Rob arriving at the Beverly Hilton for the HFPA Grants Banquet were posted here.
ETA: Added 140 HQs - top of 'Red Carpet', 'Inside' and 'On Stage' sections.

Rob and Eddie Redmayne accepted a grant on behalf of The American Film Institute.

HQ pictures, media pictures and videos

Videos (Videos of Rob on the red carpet at the bottom of the post)

Rob and Eddie presenting

Rob's red carpet interview



On stage


Red Carpet


Media/Fan Pictures



Red Carpet Videos


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Video thanks to @Korita05 :)


Jane said...

Wow, Rob looks spectacular. Love that he is willing to participate in charities. Love his hair that length.

MissTk said...

Definitely, I love him and I love watch him do all the things that he enjoys... Makes me really happy for him!!!

verena said...

I'm thrilled for him! I've not seen him this good in ages! thx!!!

Unknown said...

great night. I love him. thanks ladies

zsuzsip said...

Thank You RPL for bringing all these photos of gorgeous Rob!

Ya ya wang said...

He can really shine if he wants to saw the rover last night with whole family we all surprisely enjoy it