Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New Fan Pictures of Rob at Sam Smith Concert - April 15

ETA: Added another picture

Drop what you're doing and go see @samsmithworld LIVE! He's incredible! Oh and you might see #RPatz at the valet randomly. #samsmith #moneyonmymind #staywithme #inthelonelyhour #music

Omg just bumped into Edward Cullen! Crap quality bc it was dark and he was in a rush... But I got it! I was the only one who noticed him �� #uselessskills #robertpattinson

Kianinejadian: Just saw Robert Pattinson and met @RitaOra #samsmithconcert
samsmithusa: Robert Pattinson was at the Sam Smith concert tonight in LA.

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Unknown said...

OMG what a lucky girl. Love the picture

sirjaÿmes said...

adorable pic! so lovely :)

No one special said...

Great pic.

vana said...

Sweet of Rob to take a picture even though he was in a rush. Pleased for the lucky fan.

Unknown said...

I'm in my writing cave for a few measley months and the world keeps spinning?
I've got to catch up on my Rob news!