Saturday, April 12, 2014

New Pictures & Video of Rob at Coachella - April 12th



Rollin with the homies✌️#simonrex #robertpattinson #katyperry #coachella #day2 #weekendone #dillonfrancis #celebritycentral

There are tons of surprise performers tonight at the H&M Loves Music party, and even #RobertPattinson is here to take it all in. #coachella

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Unknown said...

OMG Robs is at Coachella. awww i wanna be there

debbie nerissa threet said...

Lol so cute!

Unknown said...

what is on his hat

Jane said...

Rob and Katy sure do love their music. He has on a Raiders cap.

Unknown said...

Rob should come up to Oakland to a Raider game when they start *insert smirk*k*

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tori said...

omg at this person above me, i'm laughing

Mandy said...

Dear Yorah, L-O-L (by the way, that means laughing out loud). I normally wouldn't reply to a comment like this, but I just couldn't not say anything.
1 - as far as i know, Rob is short for Robert. 2 - like you said this is a fan site, it's fun and light, not a job interview. 3 - it's my and my friend's blog and I'll call him whatever I want. 4 - we've been calling him Rob for 5 years, if that has been bothering you for that long, better visit another site. 5 - maybe i'll call him Bob now.
Good night, darling

vana said...

Love your comment Mandy. I saw what she wrote, couldn't comment earlier bec. I was at work.

No one special said...

Love bob busting some moves.

sirjaÿmes said...

oh i didnt see what has been wrote :o im late as always lol ._.

Rudy said...

a big fan of him !!!
coachella 2016 lineup

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