Friday, November 1, 2013

Old #DiorRob Picture Now In Better Quality + More From The Generic Interview in English + More #DiorRob Scans

MSN Style published an article about Rob's Dior Homme campaign. The interview posted isn't new, just the English version of the generic interview published in various magazines and translated here in different posts. We added the transcript for those interested in his original quotes. (via)

There's an old #DiorRob picture in better quality and a picture with what it seems to be screenshots of the video.

Old #DiorRob picture now in better quality

Screenshots of Rob's Dior Homme video

Transcript of the interview
(nothing new)
In your eyes, who’s that young man wearing Dior Homme?
He smells amazing! [Laughs] Romain Gavras and I imagined someone who was quite sophisticated yet a little wild. A free spirit who does whatever he wants and is fearless about it. There certainly is a sense of relentless energy about this young man who is on his own trip, unaffected by trends. And I loved that.

What is masculine to you?
What masculinity used to be no longer works in a modern context. It is a strange time to be a guy — and probably a strange time to be a girl! [Laughs] I always thought of it as being solid and relatively pragmatic, but masculinity is many different things, really. If you work in artistic fields, you sometimes need to have some kind of imbalance, be solid and wild, be caring and careless.

Chemistry was obviously important between you and Camille Rowe. Did you two already know each other?
We didn’t, but she had a small part in Our Day Will Come, so Romain knew she’d fit the mood perfectly. And he was right. There are little moments in the film where her presence softened what I was doing, just because she is so playful and free-spirited. She just genuinely would go with the flow.

And the film was sexy, too.
Camille has a lot to do with it. I remember seeing a 2-inch shot of her and Vincent Cassel and thinking, “That director knows how to shoot sex right.” You rarely see that in movies, where someone really understands body language. Camille brought a grace and something very special to the film. Most of the time, fragrance commercials have a kind of “hands-off” feel — there is a distance between the viewer and... I’m not sure why. But with Romain, it is always visceral, kind of bloody, dirty and sweaty.

Was filming this campaign a freeing experience for you ?
Very much so, which was strange because I was so worried about the whole experience originally. And it ended up being so easy. I felt the energy when I was on the set. And when that happens, it means you have a director in control who knows what he wants.

How does that help?
There’s a great sense of freedom that goes with it, and as an actor, you feel you want to give it all, whatever it is. It completely made me want to work with Romain on a movie.

For those interested, we are also including here scans of Rob in GQ South Africa - Again nothing new, just more parts of the generic interview in English (scans thanks to @Gossipgyal)

And scans of Rob in Elle Men Thailand - nothing new (the pictures were posted before), just nice scans :) (scnas thanks to Pattinson Art Work

And if you missed anything #DiorRob related, you can find all interviews, videos and more HERE and all pictures HERE.


Anonymous said...

I love DiorRob <3 I hope we get more in the nexr month/years.
Thank you so much RPlife. You're the best. Love you.

Adele said...

Among the many sites dedicated to Robert, you are the most serious.

Unknown said...

Ditto... :)

I think it was the very own Robert Pattinson who said: 'I like class, and class cannot be improvised. You either got it or not'...
An ladies, you're really proper, classy, and polite... Kudos for being great human beings, with principles and class... And a very strong love for certain British artist, because he stopped being just actor quite some time ago...
I mean, read that answers... I want him directing something... I guess, one's gotta wait until he feels secure about it... but I think he already is... :)

Thank you RPL... :)
It's bright to come here...

susan said...

If he finishes that screenplay he's writing maybe he can direct that. I'm sure working with David Cronenberg, has given him inspiration for what's possible.