Friday, November 15, 2013

Rob at the GO GO Gala 2013 in LA

Rob attended the GO GO Gala in LA yesterdat (November 14th). Check all pictures, videos and details here. You can learn more about the beautiful GO campaign at the official website.

The GO Campaign's twitter thanked Rob during the night for being part of an online auction that helped build a house to advance girls' education in Cambodia. (unfortuntatelly they made a small mistake and linked to a fake Rob twitter account)

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Melissa Ethridge performing - you can see Rob (original)

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From Society News LA (click to read the full report about the event)
Bravo Robert Pattinson for using your celebrity to help the Go Campaign to give the world’s children a brighter future and by continuing to contribute generously, as recently as the Nov. 14 GO GO Gala, by bidding with enthusiasm at the night’s live auction.

More than 200 guests – Pattinson included – converged on the Bel-Air Bay Club in the Pacific Palisades for the charity’s annual Gala. Combining ticket and auction sales, the affair raised more than $500,000 to help children in need everywhere by providing them with homes, education, rehabilitation, safety from sex trafficking and more.


Former US Senate aide, attorney and script writer Scott Fifer – whose TV writing credits include two Primetime Emmy broadcasts – said he first launched the charity after traveling to Tanzania and meeting a group of orphans. Through a network of “local heroes,” who understand the needs of their communities, the Go Campaign has since helped more than 41,000 children. The varied projects have included a girls’ school in Siem Reap, Cambodia, funded thanks to Pattinson.

“I can’t forget what Rob Pattinson did for us that had tremendous impact,” Fifer said from onstage. “Two years ago, Rob generously donated a ‘meet & greet’ on the set of ’Twilight Breaking Dawn’ for our online auction. And so we put it on Charity Buzz ( and it sold to a woman in Chicago for $80,000.”

After recounting the success of the girls’ home, Fifer added, “So Rob, there are 25 girls in Cambodia who wouldn’t forgive me if I didn’t just say thank you. Thank you for your kindness.”

So was the meet & greet worth $80,000 to the buyer? Apparently so.

In a subsequent conversation, Fifer said that same woman later paid handsomely for an advance screening of the film.
Attending the Gala with friends, Pattinson (in a goatee**) bought himself a cello – made from trash found in a landfill – from the Recycled Orchestra of Cateura, Paraguay, with his bid of $5,600.

From Variety
Robert Pattinson was the toast of the town Thursday night at the sixth annual GO GO Gala.

GO Campaign co-founder and CEO Scott Fifer thanked Pattinson on behalf of the 25 impoverished Cambodian girls he indirectly helped with an auction contribution. The actor donated a meet-and-greet on the set of “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” for the non-profit’s online auction two years ago that sold to woman in Chicago for $80,000. That funding led to the creation of a Program Advancing Girls’ Education (PAGE) in Cambodia.

“It’s been remarkable how one auction item from a person in the Hollywood community can translate into changing the lives of girls forever,” Fifer said before the gala.

The PAGE home will expand from 25 to 35 girls early next year.

The “Twilight” star continued his charitable streak by participating in the liveliest auction of the night. Pattinson bid $5,600 to win a cello made out of recycled material (built by Paraguay’s Recycled Orchestra of Cateura). The overall event raised more than $500,000.

From eonline:
Pattinson grabbed a drink at the bar before chatting with friends during cocktail hour. R.Pattz was smiley and chatty with a group of friends, acting super talkative and in a great mood while mingling and supporting the charity.

Pattinson sat down to dinner where he continued to chat with folks at his table as event host Adam Shankman began the show. The 27-year-old star ate and drank while chatting with a female pal sitting next to him during the bash.

At one point during the night, charity co-founder Scott Fifer thanked Pattinson for being one of the online auction prizes several years ago (a lucky bidder paid $85,000 for a Twilight set visit to meet him!) and Rob blushed and smiled as the crowd cheered for him.

Pattinson also quietly bid on and won a cello made out of recycled material for $5,600.

The cello that Rob bid:

Fan pictures: 1 | 2 | 3/Via


Anonymous said...

Wow that's a good thing. Thank you for the info.

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Nice to see Rob making time for worthy causes! He looks so xxxxxy with his goatee

No one special said...

Great charity. Thanks rpl for the pics and info.. Hi to all the rplifers.

twmmy said...

Good to see him, but the goatee... Hi everybody

vana said...

I just love this man.

vana said...

RPL thank you for keeping us posted. Such a worthy cause.

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This is so cool :-)

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debbie nerissa threet said...

I can't!! Love it! :)

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How do people not pass out when he smiles at them like that? Soooo handsome!

Unknown said...

I would definitely pass out if Rob smiled at me like that lol!He is super hot when he smiles

Unknown said...

Hello handsome!! and Hello Steph, so much time without seeing you.

Iluvthemovies said...

Nice to see him with Stephanie for a change. It seems like many focused their cameras on Rob, I don't blame them.

twilightnan said...

Hi Iluvthemovies & no one's been a long time & it's wonderful to see you both here:)..great to see Rob with his US agent Stephanie...I have not seen her with Rob for a while...He looks so handsome with that gorgeous smile!!!..hi to the rest of the rplifers:) and thank you RPLife for all you do for keeping us posted:)

Eliz said...

What a great charity to support and helping children, make music from nothing. It was also nice to see Stephanie with Rob, haven't see her out with him, since the LA BD2 premiere last year.

Unknown said...

Someone was definitely having fun... :D... It's warming seeing him this careless and just happy... It makes me smile, grin!...

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