Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Edward 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Still

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twilightnan said...

My one and only Favourite Fictional character 'Edward Cullen'...just seeing his beautiful face makes me want to take a trip to the cinemas again to see Breaking Dawn 2!!..BTW..Congratulations to Rob for winning Eonline Celebrity 2012 poll...totally deserved IMO..Rob has got awesome dedicated fans!

just me said...

..makes me think how soft his skin, lips, hair...(i can go on) must feel to someone who actually gets to touch them.. um, yeah and we all deserve to be congratulated on o victory voting hard as we did:)
i hope Robert doesn't mind getting this "gift" too ;)

nik said...


Unknown said...

I love robert pattinson sooooooo much!!

Unknown said...

Im a girl

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