Friday, December 7, 2012

Paul Becker, Breaking Dawn - Pt1 choreographer talks about Rob and Kristen

Despite the fact that Kristen Stewart’s character in Twilight is supposed to be totally clumsy with two left feet, Breaking Dawn Part 1 & 2 choreographer Paul Becker says that’s far from the truth.

At first it was actually Rob [Pattinson] that was stepping on Kristen’s toes and not the other way around,” Paul tells Hollyscoop exclusively.

Of course he’s referring to their now infamous wedding dance scene, confirming what we kind of already knew about Kristen--which is that KStew can probably do anything a dude can do, but do it better.

In the movie she’s supposed to be a bad dancer, but Kristen took charge and let Rob know who is boss…they were supportive partners and quick learners,” the choreographer tells us.

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twmmy said...

And we saw them barely dancing, but swaying from left to right - as quick learners... Maybe on the new 2 disc blueray between the cutouts?