Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New pictures and video of Rob leaving Australia - Oct 25th, 2012



HQs thanks to Pattinsonlife | Youtube


alida_v said...

i see he still listen to music. kristen influence? hehe. :) i think its great if he doesn't want to hear the paps i guess. :)

Anna said...

I'm hoping he brings out the scruff and not a beard for LA premiere.

No name said...

Oh my oh my, nobody wears a Beanie like Rob P.
love you:))))

Anonymous said...

alida_v, yes I'm sure it's related to the scandal. He use to just be able to ignore the pappz taunts. Who knows what they are yelling at him now to get a reaction. =(

Rob looks fantastic! I guess they were trying out different looks for Rover pre-prod. I can't wait to get more information on location and such. Rob has so many fantastic projects lined up. Very exciting for him and his fans.

twmmy said...

and i'm really curious when will e flip the bird too.

twmmy said...

And as he wears these beanie and caps in the warm/hot weather, soon we'll have a bald Rob.