Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Pictures and Video of Rob Arriving at LAX - Oct 25th

Video - warning: paparazzi video


vana said...

Rob looks so gorgeous.

Anna said...

Goodness look at all those vultures!!!!

Anna said...

Thank GOD for law enforcement!!! The pics look worst than the 22 seconds video. His security and police did a great job keeping these prick back.

Anonymous said...

I didn't look at the video but I have to ask, why do you post it? I've seen other videos where Rob (and Kristen) are yelled at, asked inane and insulting, vulgar questions. All to get a reaction. We know how he feels about them and they are making his life miserable. So why help the pappz out by posting their videos?

I love this site. I love the pictures and the news and this place is a great place to stay up on what's happening with Rob. And unlike some other sites, you've been pretty decent towards Kristen. I don't mean any disrespect to this site or the the maintainers so I hope you take this in the spirit in which it was intended.

Mandy said...

Hi Rolange the reason I posted the video is because while YOU don't want to see it, other people do.
I don't usually post bad paparazzi. This one is actually better than the pics. You look at those 150 pics and think he was mobbed for a whole afternoon by some evil evil men. You watch the video, you see 20 guys crowding him for 25 seconds while a bodyguard asks don't push.
I think twice, three times before posting anything in this blog. I don't do things for "hits" or "help paps"

twmmy said...

I think the public arriwing at the airports due promo time is the part of the promo. We rarely see Rob when he is travelling by private. So it's not about his privacy, It's about doing promo, nothing wrong with the pictures and the video. He is enduring this. And will appear in three weeks for so long.

Eliz said...

Glad Rob is home again, but I hate the paps their so rude and pushy.

Unknown said...

The paps are part of the job. Rob can travel unnoticed if he so wishes (the weeks before, when he was in NYC for example...nobody bothered him at airports). This is part of the promo. The paps get actually called with detailed information about when and where Rob will arrive. I mean, do you really think those guys live on airports just so they maybe see a celeb arriving or departing? ;)

When this promo is done people will leave him alone once again. I get that paps can be annoying, but those guys too are part of making celebs as famous as they are. No pap pics mean nobody would talk about the stars in between projects because we'd only ever see them on red carpets and stuff.

As long as they don't put anyone in danger (with pushing etc.) I'm perfectly fine with paps and their pictures.

Oh, and there HAS to be a reason Rob and other celebs are getting paid the big bucks. They get millions of dollars so enduring the paps is a small price to pay I think. Every job has good and bad side...this one is no exception. :-)

Anonymous said...

I am so sick of people riding RPLife's tail about posting pap videos and photos. Why shouldn't this site carry them if they're widely available on mainstream media sites?

The plain fact is every single fan is viewing them anyway.

Rob looks great. Glad he's back.