Wednesday, October 21, 2015

More Details "High Life", Rob's Upcoming Project With Claire Denis Have Been Revealed

We don't know a lot about Rob's new movie directed by Claire Denis, but looks like the name of the project will be "High Life". More details about the plot have been revealed too, Rob will play an austronaut/criminal:

The Film & Media Foundation NRW awarded 50,000 euro in August to support a movie (in development) called “High Life” by Claire Denis, Jean-Pol Fargeau, Zadie Smith and Nick Laird.

Short synopsis of the movie on Film & Media Foundation’s website:
“Jean-Pol Fargeau, Claire Denis, Zadie Smith and Nick Laird write “High Life”. Looking for alternative energy sources, the government is sending spaceships. Since there is little hope of return, it offers highly qualified inmates to participate in the flight and therefore to circumvent their death sentences and long prison sentences. (Producer: Pandora Film, € 50,000)”

Via Pattinson Art Work and RPAU


Margie said...

Rob always chooses such complicated, interesting characters. This means he will be a bad guy, a very bad guy if he's going on this mission to escape prison.

The dynamic is set up from the start for him to be a guy you would not root for, but it's his challenge to make the audience root for him. I'm glad he doesn't take the easy, pretty boy roles that he could do in his sleep. He's challenging himself, and creating multi-dimensional characters in every single film. Very happy to be a fan of such a good actor.

Anonymous said...

It will be a great role for Rob. I have read Zadie Smith and heard her speak about her previous work. With her writing, the script promises to be unusual and very smart.

Unknown said...

O.O... It's going to be a loooooong waiting...

@Marilyn ... Completely agree with you!!... That's one of the reasons I like his acting: his characters are different one from another or himself...
One cannot say "hey, that's the guy from __ movie"... Because it's such a different role, played in a fitting, charming, capturing way!!... And the characters he chooses completely allow him to show all his acting sides, faces... He's smart and cares for his acting skills, definitely!!...

Unknown said...

To add: I don't like the name, though... "High Life" doesn't sound interesting to me... It might not be a film I'd go to the theatre for...
What about: Higher, beyond, it happens there, meanwhile away, or even just High...

No one special said...

British actors are often picked to be the bad guy because they are recognised for their great acting abilities. This is why Rob has been picked, he is being recognised throughout, for his acting skill. This is also demonstrated in the varied roles he plays. Not all actors can achieve this.

Unknown said...

Good actors can always create great performances, and the good ones can do it without having to stay in character 24/7, Rob can easily shed his American or other accent he puts on for any part he plays and never lose a beat, that's very rare for most actors to achieve but Rob does it with every role, even when he does English accents the dialects are different.

Unknown said...

It's very exciting to see Rob on the big screen. The way he makes his character real to the audience is amazing. You can't take your eyes off of him. He has tons of charisma and the producers and directors are taking notice.

Unknown said...

i LOVE robs latest movie choices! LCOZ, good time, high life and the trap all sound so great and exciting. and every single character rob is going to portray sounds challenging and i love it. the safdie brothers just got nominated for best movie at the gotham independent film awards for their latest movie "heaven knows what". and don`t even get me started on the fact that he is going to work with claire denis and zadie smith!!!! such talented amazing people. i`m so proud of rob that he gets to work with them.

Margie said...

Rob has more than proved his brilliance as an actor by the way he creates unique characters for each film. His shambling, shaved head, yellow-toothed, Southern-accented, vulnerable Rey in The Rover was about as you could get from the cool, opportunist actor/writer/limo driver Jerome in MTTS. Different accent, different voice, different walk, different everything.

Add in Dennis Stock in Life, with a NY accent, yet another new voice, different way of moving, such a wound up energy, different from anything he's done before and top that off with TE Lawrence, a more posh, upper class accent, and a smooth, confident, playful demeanor.

That all shows range and depth, two things the critics have noticed and directors certainly have noticed. It's so exciting that Rob is working with auteur masters like Cronenberg and Herzog, and young, leading edge directors like Brady Corbet and the Safdie brothers. He has the kind of career in films that any actor under 30 would kill for.

Unknown said...

Just read that Mia Goth will be Rob's co=star in Claire Denis's film. She is 22 and was Shia's girlfriend. I think she was in the recent movie, Everest with Jake G.

Unknown said...

That seems to be the case live guest but the plot outline seems to have changed a bit, instead of the inmates searching for resources in space it now seems to involve human reproduction in space, so I'm going to wait on believing this scenario until there is further info on the film, but whatever the story line I can't wait!

Unknown said...

This sounds so interesting. Cant' wait to see how Rob acts with this director.

Unknown said...

Marilyn i always love your comments.Love the informative comments you make

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