Wednesday, July 1, 2015

New/Old Pictures and Fan Pictures of Rob from Various Years









Robert Pattinson in the "oh so hot" flesh. Saw him at Prussin Music - he was so nice and very "cool". Regular guy just checking out trumpets. Was very kind to let his picture be taken with Stephen. I'm still blushing purple as I am such a "Twihard".


Congratulating Chris Weitz with Robert Pattinson backstage — at Conga Room.- - LAC & Hamilton "Behind The Camera Awards"





Robert Pattinson, FKA Twigs, the starstruck blonde, and my forehead. — in New York, New York.

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No one special said...

Lovely selection of Robilicious photos.

Margie said...

The way Rob is looking at Twigs is so adorable. They looks so gaga over each other. Too bad no one discovered this pic back in May when they were in NY and people were losing it over all the serious looks.

They never look happy when they spot the paps, but this sneaky fan pic shows what they're like when it's just the two of them and they aren't aware of the cameras. So happy for them.

He's always so generous with fans, as pics through the years prove.

Unknown said...

All pictures of Rob are welcomed anytime. That is a sweet picture of Rob and T at the counter. Love he way he smiles a her, like he could just eat her up. Isn't it wonderful that Rob has the time and the means to enjoy his life like he wants along with being able to be with his lady love. Not many couples that are in entertainment get the pleasure of doing that if they take on a heavy schedule.

Unknown said...

thanks for these, mods!