Sunday, March 15, 2015

New Fan Picture of Rob


Unknown said...

he looks great. i also think it`s maybe from last week. he just flew to LA.

Unknown said...

I love the expressions on these two fans' faces. Priceless!!!

vana said...

Lovely photo. The three of them look great.

Unknown said...

Pattinson , I am really getting shock . You are still in London !!!!!!
By the way , how are you ??? I was waiting
Here for your news .. Hope you are happy .

No one special said...

I would react like that too lol. (fans faces)

Margie said...

Rob is so sweet with fans. This was at the Royal National Hotel in London, and was tagged with salsa dancing, because they have that on Sundays there.

So it was either taken this Sunday or last Sunday. Makes me wonder if Rob is learning salsa dancing? Maybe, from the smile on his face. Twig's mother is a salsa dancer, and Twigs has said she wants to learn. Hmmmm.

No one special said...

I noticed one tweet about a possible sighting at Studio City in LA, so possibly this was last Sunday. :)

Unknown said...

I just wonder how it would feel if you knew people were hunting you down, all day, every day and stay your sweet self.

yashi said...

Just letting u know this is a website run by fans of Robert ,he doesnt post or comment

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