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New Rob Interview With Szeretettel Hollywoodból (Full Interview) + Translation

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When this photo was taken, Robert Pattinson was skeptical that he’d ever become someone. He played music and acted too, but after his supporting role in Harry Potter, he hadn’t gotten any roles for years. Then there was a casting, and Kristen Stewart was so hung up on this dreamy-eyed British boy, that the rest of his story couldn’t be told until Twilight. Then came Bel Ami with Uma Thurman, Water For Elephants with Reese Witherspoon, Remember Me with Pierce Brosnan, then there were three movies, starring Robert Pattinson himself, in competition at the Cannes Film Festival.

Anikó Návai: This is your second time in Cannes…

Robert Pattinson: Third actually.

AN: So now you’re getting an honorary citizenship here, in Cannes. How is Cannes for you?

RP: I love Cannes. Probably because when I came here with Cosmopolis I had such a great experience. Every movie I do I wish would end up here. I think this is what I like about cinema. Every movie is not just a movie, it’s not just entertainment, it’s having an experience and you come out of it, you’ll feel different about life and about cinema as well. And I think this is the only festival out there, that is mainly about the art of film that every other festival doesn’t really showcase.

AN: Is it easier or is it more difficult, life after Twilight?

RP: Uhm, I don’t know. It’s kind of easier to not have to basically do a movie. I was, like, constantly working on Twilight, so whenever I had a gap in between the two Twilight movies, I had to fit something else in, and I had no time to prepare for it and stuff. And now I kind of have that time to really decide what you wanna do and it does make things a little bit easier.

AN: And the call comes in and David Michod said that he wanted you to do The Rover with Guy Pierce who didn’t know you and you didn’t know them, and he’s kind of afraid and other actors want this role too. How do you deal with this?

RP: I mean, I knew.. I hate auditioning. I mean I may have done 3 auditions since Twilight, because I’ve always been so bad at it.

AN: What do you mean bad?

RP: I get so much anxiety, I just can’t.. I hated it and I was almost about to quit entirely before Twilight, I hated auditioning so much. But then I read the script for The Rover, watched Animal Kingdom and I met David before and I just thought it would be a such great film and I really wanted to be a part, not only because of David, but the whole crew. And I really really really wanted to be in it. I honestly haven’t worked for anything this hard in my entire career.

AN: What did you have to do?

RP: I mean literally I had a week where I was waiting and I was just constantly living the part, I haven’t thought about something so much. I mean I was dreaming about it and I just wake up and worked for 12 hours a day, every single day for a week. And for like two scenes, but I really fought for it.

AN: Rob, I think you are the one from the Twilight group, that really makes smart choices. Who’s your support group who kind of helps you shape your career?

RP: I have great agents and managers but it took me a little while to realize to just work with the best directors in the world. That’s the only decision for me. It doesn’t matter what is the script, it’s just do it. I just only worked with Werner Herzog, it’s just a small part and I had absolutely no idea how to play at all but they offered it to just do it and something will happen, I just.. you’re not gonna be bad in it.. or I might be, but the likelyhood is, even if it is not that good really, all experience in a way and I think it’s all I want out of cinema.

David Cronenberg gave two roles to Rob so far. Two years ago, in Cosmopolis and this year in Maps To The Stars that both got them to the Cannes Film Festival.

(David Cronenberg & Guy Pierce talking about Rob, we’re adding the translation later.)

AN: So we did The Rover in Cannes, this is gonna be about Rob.

RP: Oh my god.

AN: What is the biggest misconception about you, you think?

RP: I don’t know. I mean, I contradict myself a lot, so I don’t really know of anything particularly misconception. I always find odd how often people say I’m brooding, cause that’s one thing I’m kind of not really at all. And it happens quite a lot. But I mean, I guess I change quite often, so there’s not really much that’s a misconception.

AN: I would’ve said that “I’m famous and rich that I’m maybe spoiled”, that kind of thing.

RP: Yeah I kinda get surprised quite often when people joke “you’re so different from how you supposed to be” but I just don’t think about it. I often forget how people think they know me just from my films or interviews or something.

And tabloids.

RP: Yeah. And you don’t realize that people actually know what your energy is at all. That can surprise me actually because I’ve already done so many interviews and it feels people they kind of know me unless they do. And they don’t.

AN: David Cronenberg knows you better than a lot of people and he told me that you are surprisingly one of the few who know about film a lot. So how many films do you watch a day? What is your habit?

RP: I don’t really have periods. Recently I’ve been watching tons but with kind of new films I only watch them on planes. I haven’t been to the movies since The Master.

AN: Right, you can’t go to the movies.

RP: I mean, I would, yeah, I don’t know. It’s been hard to concentrate on a movie with everything that has been going on. But yeah recently I’m watching a lot of movies.

AN: Also, you changed homes. You went from a big big house to a decent Rob Pattinson place.

RP: Well, in process, I keep moving, I feel homeless. I was working in Toronto and went to London for two months and worked in Toronto for six months, so now I’m trying to find myself a new spot.

AN: What would be the ideal home for you? What would it look like?

RP: I don’t know actually, the last time I bought that house, I just kind of fell in love with the house. It was just so insanely beautiful but I realized it was so nice that it didn’t feel like home, I could ever really touch it, so now I am trying to find a place that is a bit worn down so I can have my personal touches on it.

AN: Rob, in this interview we talked a lot about you and The Rover, and your fans would love to know one thing about you, from you.

RP: God, I have no idea.

AN: What you really want to share …

RP: I have absolutely no idea. I mean, most of time time I’m trying to hide things from everyone. Hiding more than revealing. I kind of struggle to not reveal too much.

AN: That you’re gonna be directing next, acting next, you’re gonna do music next or where you’re going on vacation next…

RP: I’m doing a movie with Olivier Assayas in October that I’ve been reading a lot for. It’s quiet a lot of prep even though it’s like ages away. I’m trying to change my physicality for it. Also, I’m gonna do a bit of music in New York next week and it’s always a little tiny things.. I mean for music I feel like I need much more concentration to do it.

AN: I got you something to read on the plane. It’s a Hungarian book called Utas és holdvilág (Journey by Moonlight), translated into 40 languages and it would make an awesome read and an awesome movie that you may direct someday.

RP: Is it a new book?

AN: No.

RP: Nice. I’ll read this soon. Thanks a lot.

AN: Thank you so much.
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