Friday, June 20, 2014

Rob And Guy Interview With Peter Travers On ABC's Popcorn

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Full interview

rpl por pinupgrrrl

Last part of the interview - When Peter Travers asks them to sing


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Unknown said...

what a cutie, so sweet ♥

Missy Robshipper said...

That was the best interview. He is so shy, so cute. :)

zsuzsip said...

Lovely,Rob is still so shy when put on the spot!

Iluvthemovies said...

I had no idea how limber he is, wow, that was priceless and Guy has a great voice.

vana said...

I love Guy and Rob. And David too. I hope they do another movie together at some stage.

verena said...


Unknown said...

At the moment the reporter said, "singing", Rob started sinking down in his chair. I felt so bad for him. Doing interviews is tough. No matter how many you do, you cant get used to the clammy hands and scattered thoughts.