Wednesday, January 1, 2014

'Dior Homme Eau for Men' Coming to Macy's Exclusively in 2014

We are moving this post to the top since the Fragrance is now available. Links are available at the bottom of the post.

'Dior Homme Eau For Men' to be Offered Exclusively at Macy’s in 2014.

For US residents from the Macy's Site - “Browse Dior Cologne and Shop our large selection of Beauty, Bodycare, and Perfume… Coming Soon, Dior Homme, Eau for Men, Exclusive at Macy’s.”

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Looks like a January Launch

Dior has also setup a press site. You can view the press kit here.

Update: US residents can now purchase Dior Homme Eau for Men Fragrance on the Macy's Website.

Source Via | Thank you Laura for the press link.


Anonymous said...

That's wonderful! I actually asked at Macy's a month ago, but they didn't have it. I really want to smell this stuff. If it's good I'll buy it for my son-in-law (or myself LOL!). Then I can have a small Rob picture with the's all good! Glad for Rob that they are expanding the offering. Happy Holidays to all!

debbie nerissa threet said...

Does anyone know when this press site and kit actually went up? Apparently Europe has been able to order this fragrance since September.

Unknown said...

YAY Dior. The scent is amazing

Unknown said...

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