Wednesday, December 4, 2013

New #DiorRob BTS Picture + Old One In Better Quality

From Dior's Instagram

  Robert Pattinson: exclusive images of the making of.#dior #diorbts #diorrob #robertpattinson

Old Picture now wider and better quality


Unknown said...

DIOR Rob is always the best!

Unknown said...

Yes I love DiorRob

twilightnan said...

Dior & Rob...Wow!...What a combination!!!it's a shame and can't understand why this Rob's Dior ad is not shown in the UK TV networks :( ...hi to all rplifers...Iluvthemovies,Haxy, no one special,twilola,LisaCT,nimet,vana:)

Unknown said...

Love this ♡♡ Dior BTS pic are lush rob all the way

Eliz said...

I hope Dior releases the video of the snow fight on the roof, that was so adorable.

No one special said...

@twilightnan I don't get it either, the bits ive seen seem ok to me ie not risque. Have you seen that advert for electronic cigs, that's definitely eyebrow raising stuff.

vana said...

Hello twilightnan and everyone here, sorry to hear that you don't get the ad in the UK, now that's disappointing. Maybe it will happen.

Rob looks sooooo good as DiorRob. Just beautiful.

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