Saturday, August 17, 2013

Rob in InStyle Germany - New Dior Pictures + Interview

Added the translation of the interview under the scans

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Translation thanks to @enamoramiento1
Rob, what's going on?

Robert Pattinson, Twilight star and face of the new Dior Homme campaign, explains why he wears suits only once, what he likes to spend money on and why Bernadette is his true love.

Robert Pattinson, looking suave with short hair and in a black designer suit, is kissing model Camille Rowe with so much passion, you'd think there's something going on between the two of them for real. Maybe this sexy production to introduce him as the new face of Dior Homme is meant as a farewell to his Twilight-love Kristen Stewart: passionate, unconventional, surrounded by half-naked beauties. A clever move from Dior and a change of image for Rob. From teen-idol to man. During the interview at the Beverly Hills Hotel he's still hungover from last night's premiere-party. Dressed in Nike sneakers, Jeans and Acne shirt, with cap and scruff, his electronic cigarette at the ready. But he's hardly ever been in such a good mood. Does he prefer the single-life to togetherness? "There's no good answer to that question" he says. For others, it seems, there are.

Q: As soon as you have left Twilight behind you, you´re having the next generation swoon as a model for Dior Homme. Have you come to terms with your sex-symbol status?
A: (laughs) It was a deliberate move. I'm older now. Until last year, I felt like a child, self-conscious and insecure. Everything seemed to just happen to me, I was simply very lucky. My ego had to catch up with that, too. But now I have a career to plan.

Q: Where are you heading?
I'd like to keep making "obscure" movies, but I also have to stay on the radar to finance these indie-projects. Sure, after Twilight I could have just done the next big studio-thing, but I thought that Dior is so classy. I've never really played a truly masculine, erotic character.

Q: You could take a break for a year. Or go back to London.
London isn't the same place for me anymore. The last time I really lived there, in my own appartement, was six years ago and meanwhile, almost all my friends have moved to New York and only my family is left.

Q: Dior presents you as a modern James Dean. Do you live like every day was your last?
Somehow, yes... If I were to die tomorrow, it would be ok. Cause I didn´t deny myself anything. But I don´t have a very exciting life.

Q: What was the most exciting thing that has happened to you lately?
Not putting my seatbelt on while driving!

Q: That only counts if you're still the bad driver you used to claim to be.
I'm a much better driver now, not that anxious anymore. Must be because of my new self-esteem. Or because I was stuck in traffic for too long. You just have to be frustrated enough to lose all your fears!

Q: Who keeps you save in your life as a celebrity?
I don't have an agent. I can say No on my own. My dogs though, Bear and Bernadette, they've grown into some serious guard dogs. They're chasing away anyone who comes near my house. But I don't own anything of value, you could only steal my couch (laughs)

Q: What is your biggest luxury?
Actually, I spend most money on flight tickets. A first class flight from L.A. to London is $20.000. Then, $200 for a pair of jeans seems too much.

Q: But you still like designer suits.
Absolutely. I have a strange relationship with my suits; I wear them only once, but I can't seem to part with them. There must be a thousand in storage.

Q: Sounds quite vain.
I still prefer drinking beer to working out. But I've come to terms with the fact that my looks are part of my brand. Everything I invest in that brand hopefully leads to another job.

Q: Does that mean that on the red carpet, you're putting as much pressure on yourself as your females colleagues do?
I keep having panic-attacks (laughs). Acute anxiety from twisted body perception or maybe I'm just afraid that I've picked the wrong outfit. My stylist, Ryan Hastings, is driving me crazy with his many options.

Q: It seems to work, though, you always and up on the "best dressed"-list.
That´s thanks to Ryan, too. Although, that Gucci suit from the last Twilight premiere, I designed that myself. Emerald houndstooth.

Q: Are you wearing strictly Dior now?
On my skin, definitely (laughs)

Q: Do you have a sensitive nose?
Yes. I can smell when someone feels uncomfortable or is lying. It smells sourly.

Q: How did the first woman in your life smell?
My girlfriend when I was twelve? Like soap and laundry detergent. That was strange. I think it´s ok to be a little dirty...

Thanks so much to Verena for sending the scans to us :D


WithoutAMask said...

I hate to say it but this interview is really unbecoming. He sounds like a celebrity rather than the actor we know and love. I am hoping this is just the spin but I am not so sure... Lets pray that with the new cofidence doesn't come a cocky and unsavory character.

Unknown said...

This seems well translated. I like the tone and his answers. He seems like an adult man who is aware of his goals and is planning for his career. I don't see it as unbecoming at all. He acknowledges his past, that he wants a career and that he knows he has a hand in creating/shaping it. He still has a sense if humor, like his last few answers show. Don't see a bad thing at all. I'm impressed that he was so forthcoming about how he sees himself and how he knows that he is being seen by others. He said it himself-he's a adult man now.

Unknown said...

It really sounds like Rob is changing...and I guess that's natural. I just hope it's not a huge change.

♥ Helena Zelaya ♥ said...

OMG! I love him so much! I love this interview! He seems so grown and confidence! I love it, It was a delight read this interview, Im really glad that he seems much more confortable with his fame and all that he is... I feel like a new Rob has born, a beter, smarter, brighter Rob, he will get very high on his career and everything he wants! I feel very proud of him, Im so happy that he is enjoying himself now! Thnks for posting this! It made my day! :D

Joan said...

Well, I'm loving this self-assured Rob. IT is interesting to see how his perspective about Hollywood and the business are evolving. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, when he first got this deal with DIOR, I thought it was a weird because I thought it went against his own views on Hollywood and such... It seemed like something he wold have put down or be cynical about before... But then I thought that maybe he was realizing that actors sell their image as muchas they sell their talent, and that one thing doesn't illegitimizes the other...which ultimately, I think it's the more honest approach out of the two. [You can't really be cynical about the business you actively participate in without coming across a bit pompous and/or contradictory, I think?] So it seems as if his views have expanded for the better. It shows growth and, as someone mention above, it shows a new found awareness. I'm happy that he opened up about this from the very first question of the interview. I'm loving these!

Also to the people who think he doesn't "sound" like him: remember it's a translation. Not only is the wording going to come off rough, but things also get lost in translation. Also, since it is a magazine interview, a lot of the context and the humor is not going to translate well as if would if we saw the interview in video format. With written interviews, A LOT is left to the interpretation of the reader. Just remember that this is still Rob and that his sense of humor is very offbeat. He is going to "sound" however you want him to sound in your head, but since you know him better than other people, you can choose to not interpret his answers in a bad way. At the very least give him the benefit of a doubt. :) We know he is coming from a good place.

Unknown said...

I liked this interview and his answers (if they are indeed translated correctly). If this is the new mature Rob then great. He's getting older now and with that comes change just like it would with any normal person. I've always thought he needed more confidence while some thought it added charm. Idk, just my opinion.

debbie nerissa threet said...

Really enjoyed this. It's nice to see a different side of him although I would just say he's matured. Looking forward to many more Dior interviews from Rob.

Iluvthemovies said...

@Shenita, I agree I have thought the exact same thing, Rob needed more confidence. So many times he seemed awkward in interviews and while others thought it was adorable, I thought this man needs more confidence. Since filming Cosmopolis, he has developed that confidence and this interview convinces me that he is prepared to take his career seriously and I want to personally thank Ryan Hastings for dressing Rob beautifully on the Red Carpet. I am enjoying this mature and confident Rob far more than the man several years ago.

verena said...

Thank you so much for this post. This is the kind of news I've been waiting for. Way to go Robert! You're a man now!

Unknown said...

I agree Jem. I like the ADULT Rob. HE has been through a lot in the last year and it has changed him and with change comes growth! HE is still the Rob we all love and adore but he is an adult man now!

susan said...

I'm surprised that he said he doesn't have an agent. I thought he did. Stephanie something.

KStew Krew said...

Sounds like PR at work.
RobertandKristenunbroken.....only truth out there.
This Dior campaign makes him out to be a manwhore, yuck. His campaign is all about ass and no class.

Unknown said...

Love this self assured confidant Rob !

Unknown said...

@Kstew Krew
sorry but you sound like a shrew !
Dior campaign is beautiful , hot n sexy ! Cannot wait to see the beautiful chemistry Rob has with Camille.
Rob has done the right thing in breaking up with her , she did cheat on him .It is common for relationships to get over if one partner is unfaithful

Unknown said...

Dior is making him look like a manwhore for having him interact with a chick for the campaign?? That's an interesting way of putting it. All this is still acting in my opinion.

Unknown said...

@kstew krew You exemplify why people are over this mess known as "Robsten". This post has nothing to do with that, it's sad fans of Rob have to constantly be bombarded with criticism and negativity because "your feelings are hurt" he has something positive going on and isn't conforming to your fanfic narrative.

tina tri said...

Why are Homewrecker fans here making comments m go focus on her . Rob has move on period and I love it !

noirblanc said...

KStew Krew your user name screaming a lot on which side you re,,,but Kristen herself never ask ur help to defend her,,,so please ur personal opinion is pointless and put in the wrong forum,,,just find other haters forum that has a same opinion as yours and u would be very welcome to pour any criticism and hate u have towards rob,,, but not in here. Respect that! Or maybe should we send it to ur email

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