Sunday, July 21, 2013

Rob Helps a Fan's Wish Come True + New/Old Pictures

Thanks to Laura for linking this sweet story to us :')

The encounter happened back in 2011 during the 'Breaking Dawn: Part 1' French promo. The French association Rob took a part in is called Dreams: The charity associaion that makes sick kids' dreams come true. Rob helped another fan's wsih come true back in Australia that same year, you can read about it HERE.

One on one with Robert Pattinson.

He's the star of the 'Twilight' saga and the heartthrob of every teenage girl. Thanks to the organization, Julie was able to meet Robert Pattinson in the flesh! This young 15 years old girl had the opportunity of spending a few minutes with the actor last October (on the 24th), right before his appearence on the news show of TF1. As moved as the young girl, Robert played along easily to a game of Q&A.

The day before, Julie was able to attend exclusively a 'Breaking Dawn: Part 1' fan event in a famous Parisian theater. It was an exceptional moment only a few fans were lucky to attend; during which Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene answered the audience's questions. Then came a projection of a few scenes of the movie.

Julie - enchanted and over the moon - left pleased with stars in her eyes and with the firm intention of becoming one day an actress.

Source | New pictures thanks to @Roboshayka

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