Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cosmopolis UK DVD and Blu Ray - New Covers + Special Features' Details

ETA: New release date! Amazon and list the release date as November 12.

We posted about the Cosmopolis UK DVD HERE, but now the DVD and Blu Ray have a new cover. Release date is still the same, October 8th.

ETA: According to the DVD/Blu Ray extras are:
Citizens of Cosmopolis - An exclusive in-depth documentary
Interviews with Cast & Crew (listed only in the Blu Ray at's site)

You can pre-order it on Amazon UK: DVD/Blu Ray, at HMV: DVD/Blu Ray or at DVD/Blu Ray


Unknown said...
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No name said...

Can't wait to buy the DVD!!! Didn't get to see it at the movie theater, did not show in Tampa:(