Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Robert and Kristen make Time's 'People Who Mattered' list

It's been at least a decade since we had a pair of authentic, shriek-inducing, catch-me-when-I-faint teen idols on our hands. But suddenly, OMG, they're back. What makes the stars of the Twilight series so idolizable? It's partly that ineffable combination of dirtiness and innocence: they're sexy, but they're not sexual. They're also not generically beautiful. God knows they're hot enough, but they look interesting too. Intelligent. Slightly askew. You don't just want to look at them or sleep with them; you want to talk to them. Like the vampire Pattinson plays onscreen, you can see that once upon a time they were merely human, just like us.


Thanks again to Daniela for the link :)

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pamj said...

Time magazine makes some really astute observations here - that Kristen and Robert are so attractive because they aren't perfect; and that their beauty is more than skin-deep. Also, in a world that's pushing sex and pornography, their characters find out an old secret - that restraint can be sexier than all-out revelation.