Thursday, January 15, 2009

Two short articles

Rob's big fear:
Most people have one thing they are afraid of - and Twilight star Robert Pattinson is no different.
He might be strong and fearless onscreen but he isn't that tough in his everyday life.

When Rob was asked by Bravo magazine what scares him he replied: "Darkness! I can't fall asleep without a light!
"And I don't like driving. Even in a taxi."
His onscreen lover Kristen Stewart doesn't have a problem with the dark but admits that she is scared of too much publicity.
She said: "I don't want my life to change too much. That would be horrible!
"It's not often, but sometimes I can go to Los Angeles without being seen. That's always nice."

Rob's obsessive crush:
Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson wasn't popular at school and struggled to approach girls he fancied.
He recently told Joy magazine: "I was obsessed with a girl for years but I never talked to her because I was extremely shy.

"I think this is the best kind of love (laughs), nothing can go wrong.
"Years later, I told her about it and she was totally shocked because she hadn't noticed anything. "But she is the reason I ultimately got into acting."
A lot has changed for Robert in the last few years. He is now a sex symbol and can pick any girl he wants.
Rob says: "(It's) bizarre. Last year, I was talking about how I wanted girlfriend and I didn't even have a date!
"Now I am a sex-symbol for 16-year-olds but that doesn't really get me anywhere either (laughs)."

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LolliPop said...

Wow,it explains a lot.......that's the reason why he could play Edward so well....I like him more now.....but for me he's more then a sex-symbol,I hope he'll be as successful as Johnny Depp........I compere him with Johnny cause they're quite alike,both of them get such an interesting parts....

The Springfield Websters said...

He shouldn't think he is just a sex symbol for 16 year olds, I know several 20 somethings that would gladly go for a date with him, myself included.

A Girl Named Fran said...

I second that!

Blackie said...

Just what we were talking about...
Not easy job to get to get to know girls.
Time will come when he´ll get to be romantically happy!

Maddie said...

oh my goodness. he's afraid of the dark. thats adorable xD I am, too

Blackie said...
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Anonymous said...

Rob has no idea that there are so many 20 year olds that LOVE him too- they just don't scream and cry all over him, lol.
And how cute is being afraid of the dark? Awww!

catherine said...

i'm almost 40 and would die for a date with robert! although it would be more just to be able to meet and talk to him and get a picture with him to show off to my 2 friends who are also devoted twilight moms :)
and i agree that he will turn out more like johnny depp or viggo m. really into his craft. completely looking forward to how he develops as a person. so adorable!

Wendilynn said...

Hey, many of us 30 somethings would happily date Rob too.

reddvl1974 said...

Wow...its hard to imagine that someone that is in the spotlight can have so many hidden fears. LOL As I type I read above how someone put "many of us in our 30's would date him too" and that is true. To go from just an avarage person to a well known actor has to be hard. But we are all human, including him, and I feel bad for his fears that he has of the public's eye, maybe someday he will get over all that, but in the meantime...keep up the good work

natpzg said...

"Now I am a sex-symbol for 16-year-olds but that doesn't really get me anywhere either (laughs)." <- haahahah! this quote killed me! XD~ hahahaha~~ i can't stop laughing.~~ but i guess he is somewhat right... although i'm sure he also has many fans that are around his age and older too. ^^~