Monday, January 19, 2009

Rob on's StyleWatch


Sheri, RN said...

He looks good in anything. Funny they didn't mention the black hat he wears often too.

Anonymous said...

I think it's kinda funny that Rob is in a column that has to do with style. Because I think it's pretty obvious that he's not going for that "I don't care how I look" look, he just really doesn't care how he looks. LOLZ!

Ihduh said...

Where was that middle picture from?
If he ever wore anything that tight before, you'd think that it would be burned into my mind.

Blackie said...

The only thing he need is to be related to style. I remember whenever I saw his interviews/pics in "On Style" I used to think what a paradox it was!. Beautiful man whatever he wears!.

Mandi: I went today to see Twilight.
I have sooo much to say! I´m going to try to sum up:

1- Rob is TOO MUCH to watch on a big screen.
I have always loved his hairy body and hoping nobody wanted to wax him (I hate the pics -not the pics but the people who made him to- where they have actually waxed his beautiful wild eyebrows).
Seeing even the most tiny blonde hairs on his hands/arms made me drooled. Not to mention the light focus on his chest (I remember Catherine Hardwicke saying Rob was PG13 from the waist below...?!)

2- The script sucks. I think they could have done way much better, even with the small budget and all.

3-Billy Burke is terrific in his role. Love him.

4- Baseball scene: I would love to see much more of this and in slow motion. Is quite good and Supermassive fits wonderfully.

5- Hate the make up in ALL the cast. Not only the vampires one. Bella´s mother so messy and shabby. The waitress at the restaurant scene -with Edward-. Her hair was almost Elvis Presley´s time. WTF??
Rosalie is supposed to be THE MOST BEAUTIFUL? She has a hideous wardrobe, that was not fair to Nikki (although I don´t like her I have to be true).

6- Contact lenses KILLED Rob´s expressions more than once.
He sometimes looks "SURPRISED!!" and has nothing to do with the actual scene.
Plus his eyes were truly irritated. Same with Jackson and Peter. You could see their eyes very red and swollen.

7- I know they have to "adapt" the book but they messed up things pretty much. I hope the new script goes to other hands...

8- I would have loved to see much more close and slow takes (of Rob of course) of some scenes. I feel like crucial and important moments just flied away without noticing for those who didn´t read the series as much as for us who actually did.

I am totally sure now that if ROB had not been part of it, the movie would have been a total failure.
People wouldn´t have gone to see it as much as they have.

After all this bitching, I still love Rob as always (or even more now) and perhaps I´ll go tomorrow to watch it again before they take it down.

Anonymous said...

I don't care what he wears- he looks good anyway!

Anonymous said...

Blackie: Yeah, the script wasn't very good. I really didn't like Nikki Reid as Rosalie at all. Nikki is pretty and all, but she doesn't have model good looks like Rosalie is supposed to.

Billy Burke WAS really good! I loved when he was cleaning his gun and Bella goes "I want you to meet Edward Cullen" and he's like "Send him in!" and clicks his gun!

I wish the baseball scene was longer. I think is was so fun! And KELLAN was in that scene! Woo!

Also, I thought Rob's accent was really good. He did say some things a little weird, but what can you do.

I heard that Rob wasn't going to let them use the contacts in the next movies.

I also didn't like that they cut out so much. They're really going to have to go back and play catch up. Like they didn't even mention that Jasper had a special power, they didn't really emphasize Alice's relationship with Bella, they didn't even say the word "Volturi". But I realize that they had to cut things out for time. I hope now that it's gained some popularity they can make the next movies longer.

And sorry to say, the New Moon script has already been written by the same screenwriter. Hopefully she's listened to some of the fans' constructive criticism.

Have fun watching it again! I saw it three times and it was a blast every time.

A Girl Named Fran said...

@ Mandi and Blackie:

I'm so agree with you girls. And about the script for New Moon, it is true that Melissa Rosenberg wrote it, but she did it with Stephenie Meyer as well, so I hope that she (Stephenie) didn't allowed so many changes in her story.

That's all.

And about the "style" issue; it is so ironic that Rob's related to something like that. We have seen and read so many interviews about him sayin' that he doesn't really cares about how he looks (I think it was on Ellen when he said that he didn't know how to use a washing machine), probably next he's going to be tagged as a "style icon".

But to be truly honest, I really like the way he dresses. It seems that he doesn't want to make an impression on people on looking good, like tidy, but he wants to make impression on how he is, what his opinion is on certain things, and for me that's better to have a exquisit taste in clothes. I know alot of people that dresses incredibly but have zero opinion about facts. And Rob does have an opinion, and that's one of the things that I love about him.

'Till later