Saturday, January 17, 2009

New picture

* Note: we didn't tag it.

Thanks to afrodeesyack and Robert Pattinson Source.


Blackie said...

Random note:
Here we are in mid summer, terribly hot. Almost 100·F during the day and 86·F at nights. Oh, Yes!!
Last night I couldn´t sleep so my mind wandered everywhere. Obviously at some point I got to Rob. Use your imagination to picture what I thought at the very beggining. Then (hours later haha!)I started like: "How is it possible that not even ONE pic of Rob has reached the media? If not pappz at least a fan should have taken an image? Where is he? My mind went to:
1- Not in London, not in LA...(If he were there THERE WOULD BE pics)
2- In a very small far away town
3- In a huge city
(both where nobody gives a damm about other people...) He of course is with my loved beard!
4- In Blumenau (Brazil)on its golden sands with his Annelyse?
5- Already in Vancouver recluding to make his "grand entrance" for NM? Remember they shot Twilight end before any other scene, so...

6- Where else?

Girls: You can pick or/and develop your own theories. Meanwhile I´ll go to YouTube to watch again the interviews of him I enjoy the most. (Access Hollywood -the best ever, he was so so happy-, Variety, Z100 Radio Station (in NY he was specially relaxed and blissful, wonder why, haha -I´ve the idea he got REALLY laid there on the exact night before Z100 interview-) -Note the order: GOT REALLY LAID and not REALLY GOT LAID-, The Ladies Room).
OK, maybe I´ll wander a little more first.

Blackie said...

Me again.
Don´t miss the Twilight Puppet Saga. YT made Spookydan take off the original music so in their myspace it´s better. The original sound fits the best. Here is the link for both sites:


Anonymous said...

Nice tag, lol.

Adriana said...
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