Thursday, January 29, 2009

Empire Outtakes

source (Thanks Jules!)


Samantha said...

I love the farmers tan... :-)

Brandi said...

^ You took the words right out of my mouth!! :D And the eyes in the second one... Hhhmmmmmmmm, I love him. :)

Twilighter Migrah said...

Going to make fun of this photo a little bit, sorry to all you Twi-lovers.

Um, it looks kind of like they just said- "Wear whatever were doing a photoshoot."

When are these photos from? SMeyer died her hair?! When?

Anyway, Rob looks like he's just wearing some t-shirt! Not even a cool t-shirt at that!

I think Meyer would have looked better in the middle of the shot, what with that blue outfit. Not saying it's ugly, it's just brighter compared to the other darker colors that EVERYONE else is wearing.

Looks like Taylor would put that shirt on and go walking around town! It's cool, but it doesn't look like it's something that was specially chosen for him to wear at the shoot.

Cam (James-had to look up who played him! Who else knew off-hand?), is that a real mustache or a shadow? Or both? Did you just walk in and they started the shoot and you didn't have time to take your jacket off, or was that intentional? I think you would've looked better with it off...

Kristin looks as good as usual. Not much comment, but she's the only one not wearing pants-because she has a dress on people! Matches the guys pants though... Wonder if that was planned. Why doesn't James match the other guys? Was that intentional too?

And what is with the poses? They just seem awakward and like they don't fit. Ed, put your arms around Bella or something! Ah, but this isn't a Twi (movie) shoot, Stephanie's there.

Second photo:

Rob: "What?"
Stephanie: "This is the exact same face I made in the last photo."

Kristin: *Just stands there and looks pretty.*

Cam: "Did you just take a photo?"

Taylor: "I wish Rob and Kristin weren't blocking my guns."