Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ordering Twilight in the UK

In the UK Twilight come out April 6th. Here's a few details:
You can preorder it from but it's a little less at
Special features(a little different from US version):
• The Adventure Begins – The journey from page to screen• A conversation with Stephenie Meyer
• The Comic-Con phenomenon• Deleted scenes (with director introduction)
• Extended scenes (with director introduction)• Video: Muse performing “Supermassive Black Hole”
• Video: Paramore performing “Decode”
• UK premiere footage (exclusive to UK)
• Theatrical trailer• Theatrical TV spots
• Becoming Edward
• Becoming Bella
• Catherine Hardwicke’s Vampire Kiss montage
• Edward’s piano concert
• Music: The heartbeat of Twilight
• Catherine Hardwicke’s “Bella’s Lullaby Remix” music video
• Audio commentary by Catherine Hardwicke, Robert Pattinsonand Kristen Stewart
*There is no Linkin Park video on this one*
Info thanks to hysteria_09 on lion_lamb.


Stacy said...

DANG! I wish some of those features were on the US DVD ... especially Becoming Edward ... this is a dumb question, but if I ordered this, it would work in my dvd player, right? I always used to hear about the technology being different ...

michelle said...

it will work if you have a region 2 dvd player. :) and sometimes the region 2 works in your computer.

Stacy said...

umm ... I have a Playstation 3 ... that's what we use for our do I find out if it's a region 2?


Anonymous said...

I found a thread stating that you could this software to watch DVDs from any region on your computer.

I too would like to watch the UK extras!