Friday, January 2, 2009

Another Rob Radio Interview

DJ Whoo Kid interviewed Rob back on November 22. This is part 1 (part 2 isn't up yet):

Robert Pattinson Part 1 from Radio Planet on Vimeo.

Credit to ooohjoy @ lion_lamb for the find

Part 2 (sorry for not posting earlier)

Robert Pattinson Part 2 from Radio Planet on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Part two IS up..
Unless you meant you don't have the time to upload it..?

Becky said...

that was a wierd interview....but of course rob is still adorable!

Maddie said...

woww... that was rather disturbing. hahaha

Anonymous said...

I found this interview very entertaining!!! LOL.

The Garver Family said...

*cough* Rob does look hot, but that was just not right.

Catherine said...

what do they say at the end of the second part? white.. what? o.O