Monday, July 20, 2009

Robert Pattinson Still Filming in NYC

There are several online reports claiming that Robert Pattinson had wrapped filming on Remember Me in NYC at the end of last week. However, OK! can confirm that the Twilight hunk is in fact still in the Big Apple and is still working.

As recently reported by OK!, the producers of Remember Me had been going to extreme measures to prevent fans and photographers from finding out R-Pattz’s location on any given day. In fact, only a handful of people on the production knew when he was going to be on the set.

Sources on the set tell OK! that it’s generally believed that Rob will work through tomorrow and possibly Wednesday, after which he’s due back on the West Coast to promote New Moon with Kristen Stewart at Comic-Con in San Diego.


“Remember Me” a wrap for Robert ?

According to reports, filming for Robert Pattinson’s new film “Remember Me” has wrapped up Friday. If the reports are true, Pattinson will be in San Diego this week for the Comic-Con with his on-screen lover Kristen Stewart.

Some sources are saying that the filming of “Remember Me” wasn’t able to fulfill its original plan of a 35-day shoot (excluding weekends). Execs of Summit Entertainment has said that Rob will show up at the Comic-Con, but he could be pulled out of the event anytime since technically, the last day of filming for Remember Me is on August 4th, due to the interruptions of fans and papz in New York.

Once the film has made it to post-production stage, Robert Pattinson will have a two-week break before filming “Eclipse,” the third installment in the Twilight Saga, in Vancouver, BC. Summit has announced that Eclipse will begin filming in August 17.

So if you don’t see RPattz anywhere from August 5-16, don’t be too suprised. He successfully hid from all the mania after the filming of Twilight and he could do it again. That is, if he’s not scheduled to meet the cast and crew of his other 2010 film drama “Unbound Captives” or “Bel Ami.”


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