Thursday, July 23, 2009

'The Summer House' premiere reviewed by RUBBISH Mag's blog

Brit (amazing) mag RUBBISH published on their blog the experience at the premiere screening of "The Summer House".This was wrote by Kila on the blog:

"I attended the premiere screenings of The Summer House, directed by RUBBISH BFF Orlando Gili's (aka photographer aka the guy who lent us a fridge during last fashion week!) sister Daisy Gili an eve ago, and I am so happy that I did. There are many reasons for are some.

The film was actually shot about three years ago, however set in the late 1960's against the historic back drop of man landing on the moon, it doesn't matter and actually seems fitting with the current 40 year celebrations of the occasion that it has it firsts screenings in 2009. Additionally as Daisy said herself before the screening it doesn't hurt having cast back then one of the now biggest rising stars in Hollywood as your lead. None other than Robert Pattinson...back up off the floor ladies!"

Click on the image or HERE for the rest of the article.


Campbell Mitchell said...

Credit it "The Summer House" images to Campbell Mitchell or remove them. Thank you.

Marksie said...

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