Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nikki says Rob is feminine



Unknown said...

Actually, she’s incorrect about the femininity. It’s the feline shape of his eyes that give Rob Pattinson that sensual look. It’s unusual in a Caucasian male for the inside point of the eye to dip down. I’ve been teaching art and drawing portraits for 25 years, and the only other Caucasian I’ve noticed with the inside corner of the eye slanting down is Kate Hudson. (I’m sure there are others.) Look at a photo of a cougar and you’ll see what I mean. Mr. Pattinson’s jawline, nose, and brow are too strong for him to look feminine.

Erum Tasneem said...

WOW! She did not just said that!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This sounds like her being his friend, she's just ripping on him--giving him a hard time, you know? He always makes those comments about himself that he used to look like a girl. Pretty sure she's kind of joking.