Sunday, July 26, 2009

Robert Pattinson is ‘Stuck-Up & Demanding’

Robert Pattinson might not be as nice as he seems.

According to sources on the New York set of the British actor’s new movie Remember Me, Pattinson is aloof, stuck-up and demanding!

“I don’t know what the guy’s problem is,” one source told Star magazine. “He goes from his trailer to the shoot and completely ignores all the fans who have been waiting around to see him. It’s so obnoxious.

“We had a couple days where it was really hot on set, and he wanted a specific kind of water, an iced lemonade, all this stuff that we didn’t have. So this poor assistant had to run around getting all these things. He wasn’t even thankful.”

Pattinson also has a bad reputation with Big Apple bartenders.

“He walks in here like he owns the place,” said a Bowery Hotel employee. “This one waitress treated him like a normal customer, and he flipped.

“He was really upset that she didn’t recognize him and remember what he ordered the last time.”

Pattinson was reunited with his Twilight costar Kristen Stewart at Comic Con in San Diego Thursday.



KDayler said...

Hey, love the Rob animation at the bottom - it's perfect!!!

Do you know what he was responding to at Comic Con?

Oh, and seriously, who the hell writes such crap?

spunkinator said...

LMAO, lame.

spunkinator said...
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Unknown said...

what a load of bull, he doesn't seem the type! The rob gif fits perfect!

Unknown said...

He has to keep his distance from the fans not because he's being a snob but because he gets jumped by p.o.s. fans who invade his space and ruins it for everyone else. I'm sure they asked him what he would like to drink and he said water with lemon in it and the person looking all over for it is an idiot.

i love robert pattinson said...

only the dumbest person would belive that crap