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Some articles about the New Moon set

Since a lot of articles are coming out about New Moon, I decided to get the parts where Rob is mentioned.

This one is hilarious - Describing the two days the journalist was on set. Some spoilers

May 7

3:57PM A second tent is for the New Moon royalty. No one is inside, but the back of one director’s chair reads “Alice Cullen.” On the other two, “Edward Cullen” and “Bella Swan” have been taped over. Someone took a Sharpie to the tape and scrawled “Robert” and “Kristen,” respectively, in big block letters. Robert’s chair is in the middle. Make of this what you will.

4:02PM Saga superstars Ashley Greene, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson pass by me on their way to set. My heart rate picks up the same way it used to for Hanson.

4:15PM Stewart, Pattinson and Greene film a scene with the Volturri. It goes (more or less) like this:

[Bella, Alice and Edward, who wears a long maroon cloak, stand near the entrance of the ornate room. Aro steps off the credenza towards our daring trio.]
Aro: What a happy surprise. Bella is alive after all. I love a happy ending. They’re so rare. La tua cantante (Italian for “your song”). It makes me thirsty. Her blood appeals to me. How do you stand to be so close to her?

Edward: It’s not without its difficulties. (RP says this with intensity).

Aro: So now you know everything. Fascinating. I’d love to see if you are an exception to my gift as well. Would you do me the honor?

[Aro seems to meditate on Bella.]
Interesting. I see nothing. I wonder if — let’s see if she’s immune to all of our powers, shall we Jane?

5:08PM So, um … OM-F-ING-G! Robert Pattinson is walking by. ROBERTPATTINSONISWALKINGBY!!! By ME! Don't CHASE him. Stay PUT. Be cool. FOCUS! Focus.

6:03PM Walking to another soundstage to watch Robert Pattinson do what he does best. I won’t lie -- the awareness of where I’m going and who I’m going to see when I get there puts a real pep in my step on the walk over.

6:07PM Robert’s body double stands in front of a green screen while Mr. Pattinson has the gray suit he’s wearing fitted a bit. He’s filming some “apparition work” i.e., a scene in which he appears to Bella in vision form.

6:09PM Starstruck, dazzled, utterly enamored.

May 8

12:05PM Back on the Volturri set. Ashley Greene wears a roomy, wooly, gray jacket and Kristen Stewart is in dark jeans and a dark, short-sleeved button-down shirt. Robert is wearing that damn maroon robe again. He looks like hell -- ashy skin, dark circles under his eyes. Either he’s working through a wicked hangover or the Volturri have not been good to him in the scenes leading to this one.

The three do the same scene several times. Stephenie Meyer is in her chair talking about Grey's Anatomy.

To read all about her two days including lots of Volturi and Smeyer drinking diet coke, go to the source

Interview with producer Wyck Godfrey - some parts about Rob

Q: How is the pandemonium escalated since the filming of the last movie? Is that much more intense with this one?

Apparently this guy Rob Pattinson has gotten to be a big celebrity.

Q: Who? (Laughs.)

He’s a much bigger celebrity than he was when we were making the film a year ago. It’s again, hasn't been disruptive. It's just pervasive. I think it’s the hardest thing is for the actors because their lives aren’t their lives as much as they used to be. You know? It’s harder for them to walk outside and go down the street and grab a burger because people are much more aware of them. You notice them on the street. Whereas I think when we were in Oregon, most people wouldn’t have just noticed them on the street because the movie hadn’t come out yet, so I don’t know. It’s the age-old thing for movie stars. The bigger they get the more people know who they are.

Q: And with the Internet, I mean, yeah, people are able to figure out where he’s walking around in Vancouver.

Oh yeah it’s like that. Boom, boom, boom.

Q: You have people standing outside all the time like almost everyday?

No, I mean well not here on-set but most of the places we [shoot] we own a certain amount of area, but outside that people can come and you just try to have your fence around the location far enough that they’re not inside and they’re not disruptive.

Read the rest of the interview at the source

And the Chris Weitz interview. Here and here

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