Monday, July 27, 2009

Rob arriving at JFK last night

Classy ladies





Latchkey Wife said...

Did you happen to notice in the pic of that annoying fan and Rob where she's facing the camera - she totally has her hand on his ass!!

nats_smith09 said...

thats not fun. i dont know why people think its ok to do that. poor man.
he looks like he needs to visit home for a bit, taste his mums roast dinner and chill out with friends and family.
the 'fan' needs to learn abit of self control and show him some respect. its embarrassing.

Tokyo Vogue said...

He looks a tad embarrassed by that fan, No wonder!

yaelfica said...

Latchkey Wife..i totally agree with you!!! she is touching him!!!!there..hehe..what a lady!!..i envy her though...soooooo much... i mean he doesnt have much down there lets be honest(thats why i love his hips...i know im insane..)but she got to touch something..shoots!!hate her!!