Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Moon Official Site

The New Moon Official Site is finally up. They have some amazing new pictures and downloands.

The Edward Cullen Wallpaper

Some of the pictures of the site

Check the site:


Kelly said...

Gosh.. if the make-up is half this good it's such an improvement! He looks good enough to eat... yum! thanks for posting these!!

Amy Acorn said...

ohhh wow...these are amazing and oh so exciting..bring on New Moon!! :)
Dazzle ME

xo xo

Catpurr said...

the make up and hair looks so much better this time - Edward's hair needs to be looser than last time - and Kristen is looking stunning already - imagine her by the time she gets to Breaking Dawn and her transformation!

Hanna said...

Hahahahaha!I like his lipstick on a first picture