Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Win The Shirt Off Robert Pattinson's Back (Literally!), Plus New Images From His Latest Film, How to Be

Before his star turn as Edward Cullen in Twilight, Robert Pattinson sunk his teeth into How To Be, a dark comedy where he plays a quirky twenty-something musician on the verge of a quarter-life crisis that ends up spending his entire inheritance on a live-in life coach. After searching for a lead for nearly a year, director Oliver Irving says he instantly knew that Robert was the one when he showed up at a casting. And, according to Oliver, if it weren't for How to Be, we may never have come to know Robert as the ubiquitous blood-sucker. "Rob was thinking of giving up acting but wanted to try out an indie film where he could get into a character" he told us. Twilight fans worldwide should be thankful that this film came to be!

How to Be premieres on-demand on IFC Festival Direct beginning this Wednesday, but you can enter to win your own piece of the film right now -- we're giving away an autographed How to Be poster, plus an actual t-shirt and pair of sneakers worn by Robert in the film!

More pics

Never before seen clip

How To Be style


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