Thursday, April 30, 2009

Robert Pattinson in Twilight vs. How To Be

The world's most beautiful immortal versus a twenty something on the verge of a quarter life crisis: Robert Pattinson's two latest roles as Edward in cult thriller Twilight and Arthur in British indie flick How to Be are polar opposites, and Rob's wardrobe choices make their differences even more crystal clear. As the ever-intangible Edward, Robert was outfitted in fitted tees, tailored trousers and elegant overcoats, not to mention a sculpted coif, that showcased his fashion-forward sensibility and model-like physique, while as Arthur, the actor wore vintage polos, sweats and a disheveled mop that was adorably clueless and very geek-chic.
But what do you think? In which role did Rob look better?

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