Monday, April 20, 2009

Robert Pattinson's bff

Being Robert Pattinson's BFF does have its benefits. Just ask Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Sam Bradley, who got involved with Twilight thanks to his friendship with the actor. "I wrote a song on the soundtrack, co-wrote with Rob Pattison and its expanded my audience way beyond anything I could possibly imagine," Sam told MuchNews.

Robert sang their song "Never Think (Too Far Gone)" on the Twilight soundtrack and Sam told us about the songwriting process. “It was just me and him. We’re just friends. It wasn’t anything spectacular. Just had a few beers, played a bit of guitar and put some words to a bit of music.”

The two blokes were roommates in London for a few months and Sam shares some insider info about living with Rob. "His best qualities – he’s a great cook. Amazing. He makes really good beans. And his worst qualities, he’s just so tidy, such a neat freak."

Sam also told MuchNews that he and Rob have written several new songs since Robert arrived in Vancouver to shoot the Twilight sequel New Moon.

Look out for our interview with Sam Bradley on an upcoming episode of MuchNewsWeekly.

Source via Pattinson Life

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