Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rob on the set in Vancouver

Vancity Allie met Rob yesterday on the set of New Moon and here is what she had to say about Rob.

After a few blinding headlights and lots of waiting, believe it or not… yes… Rob Pattison (Edward) and Kristen Stewart (Bella) streaked by in their car.

Rob Pattison’s car pulled up and stopped in front of us with Rob and Ashley Greene. You can see that “Edward”’s outfit for the scene consists of a sharp black blazer, a charcoal ribbed heavy sweater, and tight gray jeans. Unfortunately we can’t see Ashley’s outfit. I’m guessing that jacket isn’t part of it?

They rolled down the window and Rob exclaimed in his accent, “You guys are crazy!.” The girls got pretty excited and snapped a couple rare pics. Rob and Ashley smiled at us and put up with our photos and said bye to us before leaving. Very cool of them to roll down the window and say hi! Amy mentioned how uncomfortable Rob is about photos, so that must have been tough for him to do but we really appreciated it! And they both looked gorgeous.




michelle said...

omg i love you :*

and edwardo looks good. :)

mandy said...

im going to stop, im starting to creep me out :|

michelle said...

lol ;D

Steph said...

You are so lucky! I'm in Vancouver right now, hoping to run into them, we haven't had any luck yet :-(