Sunday, April 26, 2009

More info about Rob's new project

Pattinson Anonymous has more information on the original screenplay of Memoirs/Remember Me, written by Will Fetters (but note that it is in the process of being rewritten by Jenny Lumet who wrote the well acclaimed "Rachel Getting Married", so it may still change).

According to Screen Daily, Robert has signed for this project and it will be shooting in the summer. The film has apparently been retitled “Remember Me”. We are still awaiting official confirmation from Robert’s management or Summit.

Main Cast List

Tyler Roth - early 20’s, college student

Ally Craig - 19, college student

Caroline Roth - 11 years-old, Tyler’s sister

Charles Roth - late 50’s, Tyler’s father

Diane Hoffman - elegant, Tyler’s mother

Les Hoffman - professor, Diane’s husband

Sergeant James Craig - late 30’s police officer, Ally’s father

Aidan - Tyler’s roommate

Excerpts of the article:

Q: Can you describe Tyler?

A: I think in the script they say he’s handsome. He’s a regular kid, a college student. He’s dealing with some family stuff, and can be a little brooding and introspective, but he’s smart and can be witty.

Q: And Ally?

A: She’s not easily impressed by Tyler when she first meets him. It’s cute. She’s a bit tough. It’s just her and her father, so she mothers her dad a bit, too. And he keeps close tabs on her.

Q: That kind of brings us to the main question. It’s described as a drama/romance. How would you describe it?

A: That’s tough. I would say drama first, I guess. Tyler and Addy’s romance is a centerpiece of the script, but even the way they come together actually has more to do with the dramatic side of things I think.

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