Friday, April 24, 2009

MTV Exclusive How To Be Clip

Robert Pattinson Takes A Joyride In Exclusive 'How To Be' Clip
Independent film is touring the country and will premiere on TV at the end of the month.

Once upon a time, Robert Pattinson was a shaggy-haired virtual unknown, best remembered for the "Harry Potter" films and hoping to be taken seriously as an actor via a series of small, low-profile independent films. Eventually, he would become Edward Cullen — the ideal companion for women all over the world and plastered in more bedrooms than wallpaper itself.

But first, he had to learn "How to Be."

Travel back with us to a simpler time, thanks to this exclusive clip from Pattinson's new film, which is actually an old film, shot in his pre-"Twilight" days. It's from the Oliver Irving-directed "How to Be," a movie whose advance screenings have already won the hearts of Twilighters worldwide.

The film stars RPattz as Art, a hopelessly lost young man who hires a "life coach" in an attempt to straighten himself out. The London-based musician becomes enamored with a book called "It's Not Your Fault" and invites its elderly author to move in with his family — yielding endearingly quirky results.

In this clip titled "Choking on Dust," Art tries to live life to the fullest by taking a V-8 Camaro out for a joyride. Twilighters will undoubtedly get a kick out of the reckless enthusiasm Rob brings to the scene. His rose-colored glee, however, is short-lived.

"How to Be" is currently touring around the world, with upcoming stops over the next week in New York, Singapore and Los Angeles. Beginning on April 29 and lasting three months, the film can be seen on the pay-service IFC Festival Direct. The film's Web site has additional info on the movie's worldwide theatrical release, as well as the upcoming soundtrack featuring three tracks by Pattinson.

In case you've been living under a rock, Rob is currently hard at work filming the "Twilight" sequel "New Moon." Another early independent film featuring the 22-year-old actor, "Little Ashes," is also touring the country in advance of its theatrical release.



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