Friday, April 17, 2009

Why Life & Style Loves Robert Pattinson

CoverAwards spoke exclusively to Life & Style’s editor in chief Dan Wakeford, who explained why Robert Pattinson has suddenly become the new ‘It” cover guy for the magazine:

“Robert Pattinson is a perfect mixture of obsession and mystery, which makes him a fantastic cover star,” says Wakeford.

“He’s bright, cool and handsome, yet doesn’t have the persona of a boy like other heartthrobs. With the Twilight books and movies so prevalent, Life & Style’s readers are obsessed by him and his character Edward and are addicted to every new piece of information they can get about him.”

What’s the really special part about Pattinson?

“And if that weren’t enough, who can resist an English accent?” asked Wakeford. (who also has an English accent!)

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