Wednesday, December 24, 2008

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The Buzz Log - New 'Do for the 'Twilight' Dude

by Claudine Zap    December 24, 2008

Robert Pattinson, sexy vampire star of the movie "Twilight," caused an absolute Internet uproar with a new hairdo that many fans thinks is a hair don't: He traded in his trademark tousled locks (perfect for vampiring) for a no-muss, Marine-style crew cut. (Perfect for looking like a standard-issue Hollywood star.)

Let's just say that the new look has not gone unnoticed. Fans of the teen heartthrob turned to the Web in a frenzy of look-ups for "Robert Pattinson haircut." And also "Robert Pattinson new hair," "Robert Pattinson new hair cut," "Rob Pattinson new haircut," and "Robert Pattinson with short hair."


Thasanee said...

All I've got to say is...WHO CARES. I personally like his new haircut and if he doesn't have it back the way it was by March.. well.. that'll suck but its not like he is integral to that plot! Well I know they are trying to make him so but still. Ugh! Don't worry Rob, I still love ya!

Rusharthi said...

Its his hair! He has every right to cut it!! Wth is wrong with people? What if someone told you not to cut your hair?! He can do whatever he wants. He is still going to be the hottest and sexiest man alive!

Thasanee said...

I just noticed, the picture they making my knees weak! That's the most swoonworthy photo I've seen of him so far.

Rusharthi said...

lol I knoww just look at his eyes..does he do this on purpose?! Or the camera's just click at the right time so we can swooooooon lol.

ZoeyLuna said...

is that his new haircut in the picture? It looks so nice!!

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