Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tyra's Top 5 Hollywood Heartthrobs

No. 1: Robert Pattinson
Move over, Harry Potter. Another British hottie with magic powers is in town. Was there ever a doubt that break-out star Robert would top our 2008 list? He starred in "Twilight" as a vampire with 100 years to become the perfect boyfriend. He's pretty much a given!

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Mandi said...

I'm kinda getting tired of the Harry Potter comparisons. It and Twilight are pretty much nothing alike. Also I fall asleep during those movies and have no interest in reading the books. (But that's what I said about Twilight before, so maybe I WOULD like them. Most likely not though.) Also, "another British hottie"... the boy who plays Harry Potter is a hottie? I was unaware.