Monday, December 15, 2008


THOSE dreamy eyes, that devil-may-care grin, and that rebel-rocker mop.

It's no wonder that women - from teenage girls to their mothers - all over the world are literally throwing themselves at Robert Pattinson.

The 22-year-old has become Hollywood's latest 'It' boy, thanks to his role as Edward Cullen, the mysterious and sexy vampire in the fantasy romance Twilight.

The film is based on US author Stephenie Meyer's popular book series about a teenage girl named Bella (Kristen Stewart) who seeks forbidden love with her vampire classmate Edward.

The books - four in the series, with Twilight being the first - have gained an international cult following, especially with the tween and teen set, with over 25million copies sold worldwide.

The movie opens here on 18 Dec and sneaks are this weekend.

Yet, during a round-table interview with The New Paper at the posh Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills last month, the 1.85m-tall Londoner seemed as meek as a mouse.

And he appears unfazed at being the idol of thousands of teenage fans.

Surely, amid his throng of female admirers, there has to be someone who fits his type?

'They're all pretty young,' Pattinson, who is single, said somewhat sheepishly.

Read the full article [here] @ The Electric New Paper

TY to billiejoefan for the heads up on this article


Mandi said...

Hey! I'm old! I have a chance!
But wait. I'm married. Aww, hamburgers.

monica said...

lol Mandi XD

Robbie said...

LOL. "So the lamb went after the cougar...".


Laura said...

LOL I'm 4 years older than Rob- and I'm totally free! :0)

Emily said...

I'm just one year older...that will do right?!

emilye said...

dang...i'm the same age as him!

billiejoefan said...

lol, you didn't have to credit me

christineann1972 said...

I was thinking I was way to old for him (36), but I may still have a shot. I normally wouldn't go for younger guys, but I would make a exception this time.

Ksie said...

I'm older, mental, and smart.
Do I qualify?????

laure said...

but ur to obvious, lol hes a hunter, let him hunt. keeping in mind that hes a taurus, and we are soo turned on by an intellectual mind above more so abpve anything else...not stuffy intellectual though.