Monday, December 8, 2008

'I'd Just Walk Into Kristen's Bedroom Naked'

Robert Pattinson: 'I'd Just Walk Into Kristen's Bedroom Naked'

The Brit star tells us how he prepared for steamy scenes in Twilight...

Robert Pattinson has revealed that the secret to onscreen chemistry involves surprising your co-star in the nude.

The Twilight star - whose blood-sucking role in the flick has catapulted into the A-list - jokes that in order to sizzle in front of the camera, he treated Kristen Stewart to a little naked ambition off set.

Robert tells Entertainmentwise, "I’d just walk into Kristen’s bedroom naked, just to shock her! (laughs) Not really. "

But the actor does insist that the steamy scenes were very difficult to film.

He says, "It’s funny because we were both wearing contact lenses in the film."

So much of those scenes relies on eye contact, and we had these ‘masks’ on our eyes so I was really worrying that there wouldn’t be anything there, so it’s very lucky that people thought there was."

source via pattinsonlife.


colleen said...

HAHAHAHAH good for him if he actually did that! I mean, I for one wouldn't mind at all if he just strolled into my bedroom naked and all. I'd probably jump him - actually I'd definitely jump him!

mely15 said...

Oh my god How adorable he is, he always has these answers that makes people falling deeper for him

Fandamonium said...

He just gets tired of answering the same old questions. I think it's interesting about the eyes. They've both said they could just "see" each other in the audition. I bet it was weird with contacts.

Ihduh said...

I wish he would give responses like these more often. They're much more entertaining and I definitely don't mind the potential visual. :]

caroline said...

lol, i agree with colleen

Robbie said...

You gotta love that verrry British sense of humor!

He's a doll!