Saturday, December 6, 2008

Live Chat Of Rob and Kristen for German Teen Magazine "Bravo"

Rob and Kristen did a Live Chat on Friday for German Teen magazine called Bravo.

RobandKristen: Hello everyone.

RobandKristen: We are happy to be here.

AntiNessie: Kristen, do you and Bella have some characteristics in common?

Kristen: I trust my instincts like she does. If something isn't right I feel it. But if something feels good I go for it.

VanessaEC: Is this Roberts' and Kristen's first visit to Germany?

Kristen: It is my first visit to Germany

Rob: I have been to Berlin a couple of times.

sheryn: What is your favorite scene in Twilight?

Kristen: I love the meadow scene.

Rob: Mine is the hospital scene.

Colorful: Which rumor would you like to clear up for good?

Rob: None, really.

Chococat: Did something embarrassing happen to you during the filming of Twilight? (if so, will it be on the DVD)

Kristen: Once Rob strained his groin while trying to lift me up. We were quite surprised for a moment, then we both fell over and thenall you could see were both of his legs in the air.

Lune_CC: Twilight has been very successful in the US. Do you still enjoy it visiting countries all over the world?

Rob: I wished we had more time to spend in each country. We hardly see anything.

Kristen: We basically only see the hotel rooms and nothing else.

schnuddel1995: Robert do you have anything in common with Edward?

Rob: I am bit of a loner but besides that I cannot relate to him at all.

Maren124: How was the atmosphere at the set?

Kristen: Everyone was quite stressed. There was so much to shoot and often things didn't really move forward.

ozi15: Robert, do you really play the piano or are you just pretending?

Rob: In the movie I play the piano myself. I replayed what the composer wrote for the scene. I play the piano since I was little.

IloveTwilight: How was the kissing scene for you?

Kristen: Yes we remember it.

Rob: We shot it in LA and it was really hot. My make-up had to be renewed every few minutes – that wasn’t very sexy.

Classic-Mashar: Do you have any pets?

Rob: I have a dog.

Kristen: My family has dogs but I have a cat. She is named Jella.

Tomke.Bench.core: What do you prefer Rob – acting or making music?

Rob: I like both for different reasons. Music means freedom to me. But in acting you can pretend to be someone else and I like that.

e_e: Which scene was the most difficult one to shoot for you?

Kristen: The meadow scene took a look while to shoot. The beginning and the ending of the scene vary very much.

Rob: The whole structure of the scene was very complex. We did about 50 different camera shots.

Dali: Do you believe in vampires?

Rob and Kristen: No, we don’t.

Lica: When were stunt doubles used?

Rob: I had a really good stunt double. There were many dangerous scenes which I was not allowed to do.

Kristen: The same applies to me.

Twilight15: Are you good friends?

Rob: Yes, we are really good friends.

I-Love_Twilight: Kristen, do you sing too?

Kristen: No, I don’t.

Alice3: Rob, are you really shy?

Rob: Yes, I am indeed.

Alice3: Have you both read the book?

Rob: Yes, that was the first thing we did.

Mrs_Jenni_Pattinson: Which television show do you like most?

Kristen: I usually don’t watch television.

Rob: I like the English version of “The Office”.

Karey: Would you prefer not to be an actor/actress and live a “normal” life?

Kristen: I love acting but I don’t like being famous.

Rob: I am not really sure yet. The whole fame thing and acting belongs together somehow today. You need some sort of fame in order to get acting jobs – and you get offered more roles too.

sheryn: Did you think you had a chance to get the roles of Bella and Edward?

Kristen: I wasn’t really surprised when I got the role. However, I don’t think I really deserve portraying Bella.

Rob: For me, it was a big surprise – I really wanted the role!

buttel: Which special abilities would you like to have? Kristen: I would love being able to fly.

Rob: Me too. That would be much cooler than sitting in a plane all the time.

PattyRoberts: Kristen, what will you do on Christmas?

Kristen: I am going to spend time with my family.

Rob: Me too!

Lillia: Do you know when your next visit to Germany will be?

Kristen: Sorry, no I don’t.

MissBella: I would like to know whether Rob is single or if he has a girl.

Rob: I am still single and unfortunately there is no girl in my life.

XxkethexX: Rob, I read you had to wear lipstick during the shooting of Twilight…what did you think about that?

Rob: Yes, that is true and it was very embarrassing. I never understood why they made me wear it.

Moderator: We have to finish here.

Thanks to Annett81 For Translating

Rob and Kristen Stewart leaving Bravo:

Thanks to bubbly90 of lion_lamb.


Orion said...

I should have gone there, I knew it...

Rhonda said...

I love him in that full length coat. It accentuates how tall & lean he is.

caroline said...

How nice that he took pictures with fans, and Kristen just walked on by.

Olivia said...

Actually, Kristen did take pics. I saw photos posted on a separate Livejournal. It's just that the videographer preferred to focus on Rob.

ashleypattyuser said...

agh i live in virignia and i dont think rob has ever been here, only kristen and nikki came to my mall but i didnt even know about it till the next day!
does anyone know where and when hes next appearence is? if so let me know anything!

cristinaponc said...

kristen is soo right, who wants to be a person who dont have a personal life?

Mikaela Speljak said...

I liven sweden, after 3 years I'm gona try to LA in Usa. It's hard to leav all my life, but pease,.. can't just anybody help me to meet Rob. I'm really not like the other fans, but It's hard to trying to sleep when I crying (not just for my self) all the time.


Panda said...

i luv robert pattinson and i really wanna know if hesw ever comin 2 ohio. if he is, i'm gonna cry so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RobertLover2010 said...

Robert if your reading this even coming this close to talking to you is giving me the chills i know this might sound cheesy but i have pictures of you on my wall. If you were to reply it would be a dream come true. some times i would imagine you coming to my door but even i know there is 0.001 chance that will happen the 1 is a thread of hope it might but i hold on to that maybe one day i will meet you. I know Robert that your probably very busy and don't have the time to reply but maybe if you were to in minutes you have alone to reply to me it i know i have said before it would be a dream come true. Robert please try and reply thank you so much Ashleigh xxxx

jessica said...

hi ya, i was wondering if i could have an autograph please, if you say yes send it to this adresse 1 rue de l'avenir 14410 vassy. thank you very much
love jessica