Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Empire Interview

He can't go out of the house without screaming fans accosting him, but what's the real story with Twilight's Robert Pattinson? Sure, he can make young girls (and old girls) swoon as vampire Edward, but what's his favourite cereal? What music can't he live without? And how come he was deprived of toys as a kid?

Thanks to madelrocio7 at pattinsonlife for the find. ;)


Mandi said...

I'm going to answer these because I think it's fun:
Fave Vampire: Brad Pitt or Emmett
Cereal: Lucky Charms (What is Start? It sounds healthy.)
Desert Island Book: Breaking Dawn (looooooooser...)
Role I'd play: IDK...Britney Spears
Gretest TV show: Friends (I've never seen the Office, American or otherwise.)
Best subject: Math when I paid attention
Fave band: Linkin Park or the Raconteurs (I just learned the other day that Van Morrison sings Tupelo Honey and Brown Eyed Girl. I did not know who he was.)
Fave song: My Sharona
Toy growing up: Does TV count? (Aww, poor little Robert and his deck of cards.)

Post your own!

colleen said...

Fave Vampire: Brad Pitt and The Count from Sesame Street lol. Was Luke Perry a vampire in Buffy? I totally thought he wasn't. haha
Cereal: Kix and Life and then Cookie Crisp to snack on mmmm
Desert Island Book: Moby Dick? I don't know lol I don't want to read that though
Role I'd Play: I don't know - something fun and lighthearted though hahah
Greatest TV Show: The Wonder Years, Friends, The Office (the American version is pretty funny and I have seen the first season on the UK which is hilarious) Lost, 24...
Best Subject - american history
Fave Band: DMB, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, U2, Van Halen...I could go on. Van is awesome - These are the Days was almost our wedding song.
Favorite Song: Dance The Night Away by Van Halen
Toy growing up: Lite Brite
god i sound old from these answers i feel like im dating myself. im only 26 though lol

Laura said...

Fave Vampire: Edward
Cereal: Rob and I have the same fav cereal- Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Desert Island Book: The whole Twilight series?
Role I'd play: Allie in The Notebook
Gretest TV show: LOST
Best subject: English
Fave band: Maroon 5
Fave song: How can I limit myself? I love tons of songs.
Toy growing up: Stuffed caterpillar lol

Laura said...

Yeah- Luke Perry wasn't a vamp - he was human, lol.

Bevin said...

can he just keep saying "Golden Grahams" over and over again...it's super cute...and he sort of loses his Brit accent when he says it. Awwww...fun interview

Karri said...

Hey, this is really fun!

Fave Vampire: Edward
Cereal: Lucky Charms
Desert Island Book: The whole Twilight series. These books just don't get boring.
Role I'd play: Sawyer's love interest on LOST. Hey, a girl can dream...
Greatest TV show: LOST
Best subject: English, creative writing
Fave band: Smashing Pumpkins, Coldplay, The Killers
Fave song: Something Pretty by Patrick Park
Toy growing up: Lite Brite and Barbie

Ksie said...

Fav Vamp: Gary Oldman in Bram Stoker's Dracula
Cereal: Cherrios
Book: Aeneid (Virgil) or Money by Martin Amis
Role: Any in the role of The Tudors
TV Show: The Tudors (cable)
Subject: Western Civilation (History)
Band: Linkin Park or Kings of Leon
Song: Use Somebody(Kings of Leon) or Gotta Be Somebody (Nickleback)
Toy: Sit-N-Spin

colleen said...

'm so happy someone else said lite brite as their favorite toy! lol

Nikki-Illinois said...

Fav Vamp: David Boreanaz- Angel
Cereal: I do enjoy Golden Grahams, but I love Raisan Bran Crunch
Book: Any one I haven't read.
Role: Acting? Yikes, Elphaba in Wicked?
TV Show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Subject: English OR German
Band: Indigo Girls
Song: One Song... That I love? Black Pearl Jam
Toy: My Bike- it became anything I wanted... including the Blue Lion!

caroline said...

This is fun, I have to do it. The interview was so cute, when he said Grahams, lol.

Fav. Vamp- Selene from Underworld or Edward,duh
Cereal-Frosted Mini Wheats
Book- Twilight Saga
Role-Tinkerbell if she was real, I love fairies
TV Show-That 70's Show, too funny
Subject-English, my major
Band-Bon Jovi, i'm so 80's,lol
Song- "Never Say Goodbye" Bon Jovi
Toy-Stuffed Animals, Frosty my snowman

The Mosers said...

I think its interesting that Rob would choose to play Job. Job suffered violently through the loss of nearly everything and everyone in his life. However, in the end job is doubly rewarded for his faith in God. This is interesting to me. A good choice nonetheless. Just for fun, I will answer these same questions!

Fave Vampire: as much as I love Edward, I really like Brad Pitts character from Interview with a Vampire.
Cereal: Kaboom!
Desert Island Book: Definitely the Bible, because I know I would read the whole thing.
Role I'd play: Hmmm, I think I would prefer a fictional character over a real person. If it were a real person, I would say Marie Antoinette.
Gretest TV show: Family Guy
Best subject: Music and Science
Fave band: Casting Crowns
Fave song: ugh, this is difficult there are too many. ONE of them Praise You in this Storm
Toy growing up: my popple