Thursday, July 9, 2009

Filming today



Sandra said...

I only wanted to say, that I looooove this blog!!!!
Thank you so so so so so so much, for all your efforts!
I visit your blog many times a day!!!
Keep it up!

aSoCalGal said...

Thanks for postin that Sandra cause I visit it several times
A day too so now I feel a little more normal, LOL. I love this blog cause she has everythingnew as it happens! Best blog ever!!!

OMG I just scrolled down on my desk top for the first time instead of my mobile and saw the shirtless/vest US Weekly picture and my heart literally stopped!!! Have you ever seen anyone look better in jeans and bare belliedin your life?!? And that smile?!? Oh my... I seriously can't breathe, LOL.

Sandra said...

Nothing to thank for aSoCalGal. But I know how you feel ;) and I´m sure we are not alone.

Yep.. the shirtless/vest pic is great! And he has an adorable smile.. love his laugh anyway. Can´t stop giggling when I hear and see him laughing in interviews.
But my most favorite pic is one of the black/white GQ pics..

aSoCalGal said...

Completely agree Sandra. Those black and white photos of his face when he is in a TShirt, omg, best photos ever! He is work of art!!! Totally with you about his laugh too. Seeing interviewed is when I got my crush on him, he is too precious for words.

yaelfica said...

i had to say something here coz thats exactly how i got this obssession!!! by watching (by chance) the ellen interview !! worst and best choice ever!! haha i couldnt get enough of him since then...sorry i wasnt invited to the conversation but i totally agree with both of you and i visit this blog everyday coz IT IS the best blog ever and i dont feel so insane when i read comments like yours...