Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Twilight Cast on Oprah - Full show

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5



layna.lane said...

psh you know those Twi Moms are just getting together to drink wine and ogle the boys LOL they cracked me up and their kids totally outed them.

reshma said...

loved it, he was so cute, the way he looks at her when she is talking... I am totally team Edward but i feel bad for jacob it seems he is just reduced to some one with gr8 abs and that is all to him.K stew was looking so pretty and Twi moms u rock !

Tocarra said...

Thx so much for posting this. I was going outta my mind trying to find Oprah streaming live online! LOL

yaelfica said...

thaks so so so so much for posting this here in argentina oprah is not on so if it wasnt for u guys.... i love this site and it is the only rob site i visit everyday..this vids are the best i have seen so far i even cried in some parts!! loved it!!! tks again

cancer2383 said...

thanx for posting the oprah show. i will b 27 next month, am a wife, and a mother of 3 yr old daughter, so chances were i wasn't going 2 get a chance 2 c it. we have been going thru real difficult times and this really brightened up my evening! i adore kristen and robert seems like a really genuine, awesome dude. appreciate their work on these films and on all their other films as well. so anyway, thanx again.

Jane said...

Has everyone noticed that Rob has to have water when he is interviewed? The show was great, all three were beautiful, especially Rob.

NEMZ said...

First of all, THANKS FOR POSTING. I mean, REALLY.
About Robert: every time I see him I like the most, he's hoooot, simple like easygoing, with a good sense of humor, funny, very educated, but let's face it, with an awful handwriting hahaha.