Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rob’s Handwriting Font

TwilightPoison created a font from Rob's actual handwriting!

Yes, it’s ugly, but you have Rob to blame for that, not me.
I took letters from all the autographs he’s ever signed and turned them into a font. You can see for yourself that this really is what his handwriting looks like by googling “Robert Pattinson autographs”.
The font took me a lot longer to make. There are no special characters or numbers, just letters, because we’ve never seen Rob writing any of them.

So click here to go to TwilightPoison for download and instructions.



mello said...

Wow, a bit creepy, but the geek in me can't help but be impressed at the effort! Can't imagine Rob's face if he ever sees this.

yaelfica said...

@mello yeah!!! ur right and i also love it and im really impressed by the work it must have took the girl!! great job!

Annika Rubin said...

well what to say i find it beautiful and elegant...I wish I could write like that-