Saturday, May 8, 2010

Robert Pattinson Magazine Round-Up

Galaxie Magazine

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Bravo Magazine (Germany)


A blood thirsty vampire-army, snarling Were wolves, spectacular fights as a matter of life and death…
The new Trailer for Eclipse (in cinemas 15th of July) sends cold shivers down your back. So grim. Sinister. Dangerous. Two-fisted Action instead of big feelings: The triangle-Relationship between Were wolf Jacob (Taylor Lautner), Vampire Edward(Robert Pattinson) and the mortal Bella (Kristen Stewart) almost becomes a irrelevant fact. When there’s so much danger around there’s not much time for love. Bella’s hometown Forks/Washington becomes the stage of a struggle between good and evil, caused by the nasty Bloodsuckers Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard). With a army of brutal vampire-monsters, she wants to revenge her mates James (Cam Cigandet) death — he was killed by the Cullens in the first part of the Twilight saga. Now Bella and her friends are supposed to die for that! How ever it becomes even worse: The Volturi, Ruler of the Vampire-Underworld [Bleri ana side note: VAMPIRE-UNDERWORLD??? REALLY???], show up in Forks all of a sud­den. They have it in for Bella too. Chaos and distress spread…

Now the Stills:

1. Screams of pain tear apart the night: The student Riley (Xavier Samuel) was bitten by Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard). He’s transforming into a vampire.
2. And Riley is not alone! The mean Vampire creates countless blood thirsty monsters, that ter­rify Seattle/Washington.
3. The newborn vampires make their way to Forks — where they have to kill Bella and her friends. The Cullens have to face a huge fight!
4. Jacobs Werewolf-clique wind the trouble. They want to support the Cullens in their fight against the bad.
5. What nobody guesses: The Volturi-fighters Felix (Daniel Cudmore), Jane (Dakota Fanning), Alec (Cameron Bright) and Demetri (Charlie Bew ley, from left) travel to Forks too — on their search for Bella…
6. Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella (Kristen Stewart) have hidden in the hills. But Victoria has scented them out
7. And the Army has arrived in Forks by then too. they want to destroy the other Cullen Family members.
8. It results into a bloody fight where many loose their lives.

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Metropol and Exit Magazines (Hungary)

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Bravo Magazine (Hungary)

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More Hungarian Magazines

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Premiere (France)

Veckans Nu (Sweden)

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Por Ti (Mexico)

Scans: El Gran Amor de Edward y Bella

In Touch (Czech Republic)

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